Galaxy Watch Studio seems to be always loading

I am using Galaxy Watch Studio v2.0.1_beta. It always seems to be ‘loading’ ie instead of getting the cursor, I get the little blue circle ‘circling’ all the time. I can still use GWS but it does seem slow.

I do NOT recommend using Galaxy v2.0.1 because it will have issues requiring an AOD and then not loading it in the next project.

There is an issue with newer versions of JRE and that may be the problem if you are using the latest Java version. I recommend Java 1.8 the last public release by Oracle and is constantly updated.

If going back to V2.0.0 and the Java isn’t an issue I’d need to know more about your system. Mac/Windows 10 or Windows 11 etc.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron,

Yes I also have issues with the AOD. I’m new to this and v2.0.1 was what was recommended to download. I’ll go to v2.0.0 and see how that behaves.