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Attention of Galaxy Wearable App Product Manager :slight_smile: .

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Please add two buttons to the home screen. Like this…

Detail description of the Feature Request:

Apps and watch faces should separate on The Galaxy Store. In this case, the store is erratic and complicated. If the consumers would like to discover the app, the consumers should not see the watch faces at the same time. Likewise, If the consumers would like to discover the watch faces, the consumers should not see the app at the same time.


  1. Sales are going to increase.
  2. Available banner slots are going to increase. x2
  3. Targetted results, will enhance the consumers’ experiences’.

The apps and watch faces are already separate in the Galaxy Store.

See screenshots:

Maybe you want to improve integration on Galaxy Wearable App ?

It could be an idea to have more integration … Many prefer to stay on this app instead of the Galaxy Store.


I think this is brilliant idea!
Now, we have Galaxy Store divided into phone and watch sections and Galaxy Theme as separate store.
Why don’t move watch faces from Galaxy Store / Watch to Galaxy Theme and create there Watch section?

So we could have Galaxy Store with apps only form phones and watches and Galaxy Theme with themes and watch faces.

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Hi Matteo,

I am not sure you understand me exactly. Look at this.

I think this is a good idea, it would make accessing the Store and watch faces a bit more easier and direct for users. Having less taps to get somewhere is always a good thing.

Sure, there’s a “Discover” tab at the bottom right which takes you to “Recommended watch faces” and apps, after which you can select “View more” and get to the Store, but it’s a lot of steps compared to just having direct links to the Store.

Also this current recommendation algorithm doesn’t seem to work well at all.
In my case the “Recommended watch faces” section continuously shows the same watch faces (which looks like a random selection from “Top” lists, nothing else), while the “Recommended watch apps” seems to often show just a few developers and basically spams the whole section with a bunch of their watch faces, not apps, (often very similar looking ones) almost like it’s a paid promotion.

But not to go off topic too much, I think adding these two links to the home screen would be a good thing! :+1:

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This was discussed with the Wearable App development team. They understand the request and will discuss it internally but can not commit to anything at this time.

I’ll keep this suggestion open in case someone has other information to add to it.

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