Galaxy Wearable App - overhaul, potential and ideas

User Goksel posted a topic about the fact that the Galaxy Wearable app could be improved by adding a link to the Store. The topic is here.

This was something that was bothering me for a while, but on an even larger level and would like to start a comprehensive discussion about other aspects of Wearable app that I feel could be improved.

The Wearable app is the first thing any new smartwatch owner will see when setting up his/hers new device. That means that once a new smartwatch is connected, 100% of users will be faced with… A list of settings. Not very inciting!

For a first time user priority probably isn’t selecting the widget order or setting up brightness. And even if it is, this needs to be done only once.

I would compare this to the process of setting up a new phone. A guide takes you through basic settings, but once you’re done with that, you don’t end up in the Settings menu - you end up at a home screen. And you definitively don’t see the Settings menu every time you start the phone.

Since a smartwatch is still considered a luxury / novelty / emotional purchase item, it would make sense (after guiding new users through setting up their smartwatch) to then put some content in front of their eyes. Not only links to the Store, but actual content they can download!

Related Menu or Feature:
Whole Wearable app needs a visual redesign that would shift focus away from the technical 1-time settings and put more emphasis on how you can visually customize your new smartwatch. Right now it looks just like a System menu of a Samsung smartphone.

Detail description of the Feature Request:

Wearable app should work as a funnel to guide new users to make their first visit to the Store, and also make a first purchase. The bottom menu in the Wearable app (Home, Watch faces, Discover) is not very noticeable. The placement of the bottom menu isn’t intuitive (in fact, you risk tapping Android OS navigation buttons) and they don’t even have icons. It makes one wonder how many users go on using their watchfaces completely unaware of the fact that Galaxy Store even exists.

Home tab should immediately show a small amount of top quality content - currated watchfaces and apps from top developers, those that have a proven track record that will make even the hesitant users want to click and open the Store. What is the theme of the moment? Is it holiday season? Sports? Health? Show users there are thousands upon thousands of items for them to browse!

So, while adding a Store link to the menu would certainly be an improvement, why not go a step further and show users what exactly is the hottest stuff for their new device? Users are much more likely to make a purchase when the device is brand new and while the excitement and feeling of novelty is high.

Another thing that should be considered is implementing a notification “reminder” for users who never visited Store. Maybe a simple “Visit Galaxy Store and find a perfect style for your new smartwatch”, 24
hours after setting up the smartwatch?

Tracking user habits would allow for better customer experience. Is user focused more on health? Why not show them the latest health oriented apps. Is the priority on style? How about some customizable watchfaces! Do they like digital or analog watchfaces? You get the picture…

Move the Settings into the menu after initial setup and show users content that fits their interests best!


  1. Increase user awareness of the Galaxy Store - for many Android users, word “Store” means Google app store. In fact, many will go there and (unsuccessfully) try to find content for their watches. They need to be guided and reminded about Galaxy Store!

  2. More Store visitors = more sales.

  3. User preference data could be used to provide tailored content.

This was discussed with the Wearable App development team. It is not a new request and they were already discussing it internally

I’ll keep this suggestion open in case someone has other information to add to it.

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