Game Tools issue AND A SUGGESTION

hello i have a Game tools issue i would like to address.every time i try to record into the Game tools application, the video gets a parsing error or get stuck. (i would have to start to create a video and then the other video all the suddenly shows up. I would like to get this fixed
( I have A Samsung Galaxy S7. (SM-G930A) i would like to get this issue fixed asap because i am in need of a new screen recorder as of the moment.and along with the update I would like the Game tools application to be a Live screen recording app. and also please make this screen recording app to be accessible not only when i launch the game and have an option to start the recording by that. i would like to get this addressed please ASAP.
Thank you, Mathew kim.

Thank You for this info

Your very welcome sir

Upgrade your OS, it’ll make it better

Thanks for the information please keep suggesting such post.


upgrade the software it will works

Thank you for this suggestion, I hope it has been fixed

Record: Save a video of your gameplay; Screenshot: Take a photo of your gameplay; Navigation button lock: Keep the navigation buttons turned off