Give access to developer to remove bad reviews in Theme Store

As a developer I respect review/comments by customers and these reviews are very helpful for us to improve our quality of work, I always replied back to customer. But many customer leave very bad reviews and don’t bother to change their review after getting updates.

And these bad reviews put lot of negative impact on sale and new buyers. So it is my request to give us
1- ability to remove inappropriate reviews.
2-if possible give access to complete email address of buyer so we can contact them.

Hope samsung consider these suggestions.

We used to have direct e-mails and back then my ratio of changing a bad review into a positive one was very high. But GDPR came and e-mails are gone and now I have to keep my fingers crossed to get a reply from a customer so I can provide customer service. Unfortunately, this won’t change, but now at least a customer gets an e-mail from Samsung that you left a reply to their comment.

As for being able to remove bad review - we all have this issue. If a customer isn’t satisfied, I think it is within their right to leave a bad rating. But the problem is when the reason for bad review is outside of our jurisdiction (no animation in AOD, settings not saving, can’t customize widgets etc.) or are a result of customer not understanding how a function works.

We should be able to challenge a certain amount of bad reviews and have Samsung rep step in and check for review content.

Yes ratios are very high when we have email address of buyer and provide them direct assistance and many user change their review to Positive with good service comments and I got lot of good comments after giving them customer service.

But some buyer don’t change their comments after getting good customer service with updates and don’t bother to change their review, if we provide right customer service on time and fix their issue then it is our right to have good comments too.

Many user have enough time for bad reviews but don’t have spare time to convert them in good review after getting customer services.

If they don’t bother to change then it is our right to remove such bad comments/reviews.

I see your point but that would be definitely misused to remove any bad rating. If anything people shouldn’t be able to review without the app/theme/wallpaper without it being updated to the latest version and/or used for more than ~30min. The exposure of the full email could also help in contacting the custom and resolving the issue.