Group app coupons/discount

Currently if you want to activate a discount/coupon you have to add apps one by one. If you have a lot of apps this get repetitive and time-consuming.

Related Menu or Feature:
Seller Portal > Promotions > Coupons/Discounts

Detail description of the Feature Request:

Add the ability to select a group of apps for which you want to create coupons or discounts. There can be a default date/discount rate which is applied to every app. Same goes for the coupons.

Easier & faster promotions.

Where’s the “I VOTE NO” button? :grin:

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Why would you want to vote NO for a time-saving feature??? It doesn’t even do anything bad.

There is another discussion on this forum regarding coupons, and I think it applies to themes too:

Allowing sellers to create more coupons would be detrimental in my opinion, but I’m open to your feedback on why so many coupons are needed? If it’s for discount promotions I can sorta understand.

That is a discussion on it’s own. AFTER the restriction on coupons is set THEN this should be implemented.

OK gotcha, makes more sense now, thanks for the clarification.