GSS: Badge link click-through sales stats

I run multiple marketing campaigns for the same app using different badge URLs, one badge URL for each campaign. While I can see the number of clicks for each badge URL, but I can’t tell which ones actually turned into sales.

It would great if GSS sales reports can provide click-through stats, such as how many sales come from a specific badge URL.

I think it would be a good idea but I think it will not be possible, let’s see what the others in the group say, maybe Ron could give you a better answer …

Badges are pretty well documented on this page. but the quick cut and paste is.

You may generate more than one badge for your app product detail page or seller brand page. Multiple badges allow you to track user attribution (how a user finds your app product detail page). For example, if you want to track how many clicks come from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, create a badge for each site. Include a reference to the link source in the tag name (for example, MyAppfb, MyApptw, and MyAppin). Then, use the appropriate badge in your social media promotions.

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Hi Ron,

That’s pretty much how I have been using the badges.

Here is a scenario where click-through stats would be very useful:
I ran three marketing campaigns for the same app for 10 days, each campaign uses its own badge URL. The Badge stats shows the three badges generated 500 clicks total

  • Campaign A generated 200 clicks
  • Campaign B generated 180 clicks
  • Campaign C generated 120 clicks

GSS sales reports show 100 sales during the period.

That tells me 500 clicks generated 100 sales. But there is no way to figure out which campaign generated the most sales. If we can figure that out, then we can refine the successful campaigns and eliminate the ones aren’t effective.

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I see now. Why not make this a Feature Request - Vote for the Seller Portal.

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I thought I did and was wondering about why there is no voting button on this post, haha. Here is the feature request vote

I’ve reached my voting limit :frowning: