GSS - Badge link click-through sales stats

I run multiple marketing campaigns for the same app, one badge URL for each campaign. While I can see the number of clicks for each badge URL, but I can’t tell which ones actually turned into sales.

I ran three marketing campaigns for the same app for 10 days. The Badge stats shows the three badges generated 500 clicks total and GSS sales reports show 100 sales during the period.

  • Campaign A generated 200 clicks
  • Campaign B generated 180 clicks
  • Campaign C generated 120 clicks

That tells me 500 clicks generated 100 sales. But there is no way to figure out which campaign generated the most sales. If we can figure that out, then we can refine the successful campaigns and eliminate the ones aren’t effective.

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Detail description of the Feature Request:
GSS provides click-through stats, such as how many sales come from a specific badge URL.

This allows developers to test different marketing strategies and find the most effective one, which leads to more sales.