GSS: Daily download ranking data

In addition to the download stats for each app, it would be great if GSS includes daily ranking stats as well. Currently I’m tracking daily ranking manually in Excel. This process involves I manually search and count the ranking of an app in Galaxy Store’s Top list, then input it into Excel as shown below.

This method only works if apps are in the Top List of Galaxy Store and it can be time consuming, especially if the app is at the bottom of the list. There’s no way to track ranking if apps aren’t in the top list, other than using download stats to judge the performance.

Daily ranking data should be the ranking of all the apps in its category, not limited to only the Top list in Galaxy Store. If GSS provides daily ranking for each app, then developers can easily track each app’s overall ranking and come up with strategy to improve it.

Thank you for the Feature Request. We have good news – This is in the plans but there is no implementation date yet.

I’ll close this topic so no one uses a vote on it.

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