GSS: Web API for Excel

GSS is a fantastic analytic tool that provides a tone of stats in a standard spreadsheet format. I think most of developers have their own spreadsheet format for tracking different stats.

For example, my current workflow is:

  1. Set filter
  2. Download report
  3. Extract info from downloaded report and paste them into my own spreadsheet format.

While this workflow is fairly easy, but using Web API for Excel would be more efficient. Basically, developers just have to setup Web API in their own Excel spreadsheets once. Then specified GSS data can be downloaded directly into the spreadsheets.

Related Menu or Feature:
Seller Portal > Stats (GSS)

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Enable Web API for Excel for direct download data into Excel spreadsheets.

This will save time from administrative work, which means more time to create contents.

An update on this feature request.

The store is currently developing Open API and it should be available later this year.

This thread will be closed.

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