Hard Key Report

Hello ,

I have added the com.samsung.android.knox.intent.action.HARD_KEY_REPORT intent.
I receive the button press and the key code information(1015) on an Xcover 5 but i do not get the Key Report Type to see if the button is pressed or released.

How to resolve this?


Try Samsung Developer Support they may be able to help with KNOX or know where to go.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thank you for your reply. We have since contacted the Samsung Developer Support, and they have redirected us to Samsung Knox support, where we have opened a ticket.


(placing this information here so that the next person can easily find their way in the Samsung developer ecosystems :wink: )


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Diederik Loos

I just noticed the same problem. It works as documented on XCover Pro, but on the XCover 5 it’s just not populating the REPORT_TYPE extra.
Did you get any response you can share with us, when you reported this to Knox Support?


We are working on this with Samsung Netherlands.

Hello Henrik,

We have received updates on the support ticket (email notifications were disabled, so only found out just now :sweat_smile: ). We’ve sent over our .apk and logs. Will let you know if any updates are there.

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Diederik Loos