Hello, I before asked about ICU format [e] and You guys gave me the solution, So I could day display to red color on Sunday. I thank you for that.
My new goal is to make day display to red color not only Sunday but also holiday now.
I know all the countries have its holidays, I know it depends on each countries and difficult to it.
if any, is there ICU or any way to know each counties holiday status.
Thank you

Hi @diamante30r,

Nice observation but I haven’t seen such an option in GWS.

Thx azad, for quick response.
Currently, no way to know holiday status in GWS, huhu.
There may be, like Google calendar, if import, it adapts each countries holiday.
I just hope in future, GWS will feature the system.

I am also hoping for that too. :slight_smile: