How to display all Watch Face on the Page Main CHPlay(Smartphone)?

Hi All Dev.
I am having the problem do not show all Watch Face in my main page on CH Play.
When opening the main page on the phone, only display 1 blank page
When opening on the PC PC is fully displayed.
Some developers don’t have such an error.
Can anybody only help me?
Thank you so much.

Strangely enough, the link to the main page works fine if you add it to Facebook, for example. Then the entire portfolio is displayed. Once again, it doesn’t work directly via Google Play. Who is surprised?

I don’t know whether Google has fix this?
But if opening the main page from the smartphone does not show anything, it’s a bad thing.
It seems that some developers have found a way to show a few lines of code in Android Studio.
unfortunately they don’t share it free

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Please share the code.