How to update text every minute?

Hi, I’m trying to display a random number on my watch face which I’d like to update every minute or so.

I was able to generate the random number using the gyro and tags:

(clamp(floor(abs([ACC_A_X])), 1 , 100))

This tag formula is displayed inside of a “Text component”.

How can I make it update automatically every minute or so? If its not possible to update automatically is there some way to have it update on tap?

(clamp(floor(abs([ACC_A_X])), ([MIN]) , 100))

it will change the function every minute

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, the code you provided only updates the displayed number if the gyro value is less than the current minute. If the gyro value is larger than the current minute the value doesn’t change.

I’m trying to get it to show a new random number every minute. Any idea how I can achieve this?

I see the flaw in my logic :frowning:

I like problems I’ll see if I can find a solution but it may be beyond what WFS is meant to do.