Hybrid theme/Lack of new features on themes!


I’m here to bring a good idea to the GTS. Users are complaining for a long time about lost theme elements after applying the dark mode on their galaxy devices. Today I just received one more complaining from someone who follows me for a long time, since I joined the Galaxy Themes service.

Did you ever think of hybrid themes? Today, almost all designers, create a light theme and them a dark theme to it and the users need to buy both and change between them when they want to use a bright visual or a dark one. Imagine how easy would be if the user purchases a theme that contains both versions and that they could change the light or dark version by applying the dark mode in the settings. Not only easy but convenient.

It’s not the first time they report to me the dissatisfaction with the themes that lost many features in the last years and didn’t get any relevant ones. They lost the option to change the keyboard background, the message balloon, “inside icons” for the action buttons, 9.png buttons… many features and didn’t get new ones. Users are bored with themes because they look the same, always, because we can’t change a lot of things, basically just colors and some assets. In fact, many users told me they are preferring using third-party tools available on Google Play store to create their own themes instead of buying them.

I think it’s time for us to think about that. Samsung Themes is big. Bigger than the other theme services but it’s stocked in 2018, and it’s not my words, it’s from user’s reports, but as a theme designer for 5 years, I have to say that it’s true, there’re many options we lost that complete the theme experience. :confused:

I really care about the service and I’m afraid we’re going down instead up.

I hope you guys can think about hybrid themes and new features, also new icons to us to create, like Game Launch, Reminder, Galaxy Pass… They’re apps that are on most home screen today but aren’t matching with the theme applied.

We have everything to be the best store ever. Let’s held this.

Hi Felipe,

I’ve moved this to the Feature Request -Vote (Galaxy Themes) Category.

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Not sure about this one. If you start to add in Dark Mode themes for every theme on the market, it doubles work for all designers (as well as APK size).

What I would like to see personally is the theme not get removed at all when Dark Mode is enabled. Dark Mode shouldn’t touch themed apps, but should instead just work on third party apps.

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I can remember always being happy with your themes before ONE UI 2.0 . I had an app that enabled dark or more accurately NIGHT MODE while using a theme of yours and yes the colors changed a bit but I never lost any themed elements. Your themes accurately survived my night mode test. Not happy with Samsung themes admins at all for what they have done to you as developers but especially USERS who paid thousands for their phones and a nice chunk of money to buy themes only to be left with disappointment.