I have to develop the app on Samsung galaxy Tab A8

I have to develop the app on Samsung galaxy Tab A8 But samsung health app seems to be incompatible on this device. How can I get samsung watch 5 health data into the application on my tab then?

1.Is it possible to access user data using HealthContact alone without the Samsung Health app in develop my app?
(This assumes that the Samsung Health app is installed on the user’s smart phone.)

2.Is it possible to log in to HealthConnect using a Samsung account?
What account is the account connected to the health connector?

Yes, you can try Google HealthConnect for collecting data from Samsung health app.
This guide may help you to get data: Accessing Samsung Health Data through Health Connect | Samsung Developer


Health Connect is not connected to any account. Data is stored on user’s device. You can alternatively build a phone app which reads the appropriate data and then keep that data synced with your tablet based app.