Icon Badge Not Working when ONLY Chat Notifications are switched off on Clone

Good Day

I’ve noticed that the WhatsApp icon badge on my clone [Dual Messenger Mode] does not work/get updated when I’ve unselected getting notifications under the “Chat” category (i.e. Show Notifications, Group Notifications and Message Notifications).

This is happening regardless of the fact that I have selected the “App icon badges” option.

Please can this be resolved.

If you think about it, unselecting the option of receiving Chat notifications should only affect not receiving them in the notification panel and by virtue of the fact that the option to have the App icon badge displayed is still selected means that I should still be able to see the counter of unread messages (such is the implementation on my previous non-Samsung phones).

The current implementation either has a bug or is limiting because if as a user I don’t want WhatsApp notifications in my Notification Tray yet want to see by looking at the App Badge that I have new messages I have not read, that should be possible.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product questions or concerns. Samsung engineers do not view end user discussions to avoid disputes about originality of ideas.

I would recommend you post using the Samsung Members App or at Samsung support select Contact US and then the Social tab Join the Conversation

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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