Images Show By Time With Freeze Feature?

Suppose a watch face had a design where a number of images were made visible in series, using the opaque tags and seconds. The images would loop every 60 seconds, so with 6 images, each playing for 10 seconds.

Is there a way to freeze or unfreeze the reading of the opaque properties of these images so that a user could press a button and freeze the current image? Another press of the button would unfreeze the image, and the opaque setting would again be read. Not possible with the GWD?

Depending upon what you want to achieve, create the same image with the background color (preferably black) on top of the first image set it to tap to change image , add a transparent image to that and you should be able to get what you want.
Try it

Thanks, Malcolm. That would work if the image in question was in its own area of the watch face, but all my images occupy the same area, in series, based on the seconds. Your suggestion I can see working for one static or frozen image, but my design might have 6 images, each which could be frozen.