Implement LUA

I would love to be able to use lua to programm the behavior of objects.
It would give the developers far more freedom (variables, functions, formats …)

I think we already asked for partials of this general request and it could cover them all.
Actually I do not care which scripting language would be used, even if its the current one, main thing we get the expressions into every parametric field of the elements, the ability to define own variables and the trigonometric functions working on watch.
If we don’t get it all in one step, I will still welcome each separate one.

This should be a feature request for Tizen Studio that tool is designed for Galaxy Watch Developers.

Galaxy Watch Designer is meant to be something that designers can use without programming knowledge.

Samsung Developer Program

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Ok - no matter which script language, I agree.

And about Tizen Studio: Of course it should be implemented there, TOO. I think the designers should also have basic possibilities in scripting.