Improvements for Theme Design Eco System, no more Theme Updates

Currently, every background color, text color, etc. for each theme-approved app is a package in the Theme Tool.

In each App, for example, the Contacts App has more than 300 attributes are specified for the final Theme, which are give the app the Theme look.

However, the Theme Tool now has the most basic color under the Common Section.

Isn’t it better if only the colors visible in the tool are created once in each Theme Package and then the system app takes them and distributes them to the other assigned colors?

Example of snippet code yet:
color name=“about_page_actionbar_background_color”>fffafafa</color
color name=“about_page_app_info_btn_color”>#ffa6a6a6
color name=“about_page_app_info_icon_color”>#ff454545
color name=“about_page_app_name_text_color”>#ff252525

Each of this Lines must be created by the Tool, but now example improved System App Code and improved Tool Code which created only ex. 10 Colors.

color name=“about_page_actionbar_background_color”>@theme_backkground_color</color
color name=“about_page_app_info_btn_color”>@theme_title_text_color
color name=“about_page_app_info_icon_color”>@theme_title_text_color
color name=“about_page_app_name_text_color”>@theme_title_text_color

Let’s say the theme tool colors are inserted via an extra system APK. Samsung use als the SESL Strings, with these existing system would be easy to implement without having to reprogram it.

import this to colors
color name=sesl_theme_background_color”>fffafafa</color
color name=“sesl_theme_title_text_color”>fffafafa
import end
color name=“about_page_actionbar_background_color”>@sesl_theme_background_color</color
color name=“about_page_app_info_btn_color”>@sesl_theme_title_text_color
color name=“about_page_app_info_icon_color”>@sesl_theme_title_text_color
color name=“about_page_app_name_text_color”>@sesl_theme_title_text_color

Now only 2 colors are created in the tool, but other colors are then distributed in the system app. This type can significantly reduce the size of a theme, it would be uploaded faster, can reduce the data volume of the user and is more climate-friendly. And yes this is possible.

Also for the next Android 11 Version, the Google Android Theme is really easy based. So that each actually P OS Theme can be used on Q OS, when the Theme attributes are will the same, but i saw that each App Update get new Strings or exiting Strings are delete, why? It can be so easy. And we don’t have to update each theme individually for the new android version.

If you like it and want that Samsung improve it, please Vote.

With each new Android Version we must recreate and lot of our Themes to update them, but it is not more important with the new System.