Input parameters bug?

When you change the X and Y parameters in Placement, the X and Y parameters in Rotate would changes automatically. Is it supposed to do that?

That is correct. The Rotate X and Y will move relative to your placement. By default, the value of Rotate X and Y will be the center of the object you placed. The Rotate X and Y values are relative to the coordinates of the watch face, and not to the object itself. Your example using a simple shape looks like the following (note: the Rotate X and Y are outside the watch face to the upper left):

If you were to move the shape to the center of the screen, then the pivot point (rotate x and y) would move relative to the amount you moved the shape like the following:

If you rotated the shape 30 degrees from the first example, it would rotate about the pivot point like the following:

If you wanted the pivot point to be centered, which is how it is by default, then you just need to locate the x,y coordinate on the watch face that correlates with the origin of the shape like so (note: an easy way to center the pivot point if accidentally moved would be to center the object on the watch face, move the rotate x and y to 225,225 and then position the placement back where it was which will move the rotate x and y relatively):

And when you rotate 30 degrees, this time it will rotate about it’s center like so:

So long story short, yes, it should move when you move your object.


I get it now, I was thinking about something else. But it all makes perfect sense now. Thank you very much for the explanation!

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