Inquiries regarding Galaxy Watch, Samsung Health SDK and app integrati

We are planning to develop an app using the Galaxy Watch.
I would like to ask you a few questions.

  • Our ultimate goal is to connect multiple users’ Galaxy Watches on one smart device and view their health data.
  1. Is SDK support for the Galaxy Watch possible if we form a partnership?
  2. If SDK is supported, can multiple Galaxy Watch devices be connected at the same time?
  3. If SDK support is not possible, do I need to link it through the Samsung Health app?
  4. If it is 3, is it impossible for two users to login simultaneously to the Samsung Health app?
  5. If two people cannot login at the same time, can each user logout and login from one smart device with their own account?
  6. Recently, it seems that progress has been made to allow users to retrieve their health data through an app called Health Connect. When our company starts development, will we need to develop it so that it can be linked using Health Connect?

The reason we ask this question is because if it is determined that it is impossible to view the health data of multiple users on one smart device, we need to find an alternative and change course.

Let’s address your queries below:

  1. Yes
  2. Did not understand your query clearly. Multiple devices connected to whom?
  3. You can use Health Connect to get data via Samsung Health App.
  4. Will you please elaborate the scenario more?
  5. You can check with Developer Support for this type of confusion.
  6. If you get the partnership of Samsung Priv Health SDK, I don’t think you need the support from health connect APIs.

It seems like you have lots of confusion and need clear information before starting your project. You can reach directly to the Samsung officials for specific answer using Developer support link.