Introduce BUNDLED app packages

Bundled apps would allow sellers to create and sell app packages at a discounted price.

This would mean new methods of increasing sales and revenue by providing customers with simple and effective choices, for example “Buy 1 - get 2” or “Pay 3, get 5” etc.

Bundling products can significantly increase revenue, give customers better value for money and help boost sales for less popular apps.

Another possible approach would be to offer customers with an option to bundle another app “at the checkout counter”. When a customer is about to buy a watchface or a theme, right before the purchase is completed he is offered with an option to buy one more app, with a reduced price for both apps.

It’s a bit like when the store clerk tells you at the store “Hey, if you buy 3 of these, you’ll get 30% discount”.

Both of these techniques could be used independently. For example, a developer could set which of his apps should be offered at the checkout and under which terms, or a developer could pre-bundle several apps and have them as a separate product in their product portfolio.

To avoid abuse, there should be a limited number of bundles available to each developer and they should be time-limited (kind of like discounts).

Maybe … I’ve been asking for months :blush:


An idea how bundles could look like in the Store…


Sounds great, this is definitely a promotion type that I would take part in. I get a lot of requests for package deals…

And not just watch faces, but themes as well :slight_smile:

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