Introductory Price / Discounted Price at Initial Published

Currently we can’t create a discount for an app that has been approved but not yet been published (custom release date). It would be handy to be able to set a discount rate at initial published date.

For example, I’ve created Video Wallpaper with no intention of making a Theme out of it. But I had to because of the high demands from people who has purchased the Video Wallpaper. Now I’ve made the Theme, and I don’t want to double charge for those who have already purchased the Video Wallpaper.

I wanted to set the initial published price at a discount rate, but the earliest date a published app can have a discount rate is the 2nd day. As result, some may have bought it at the full price on the 1st day of published and not happy about it.

Related Menu or Feature:
Seller Portal > Promotion > Discount

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Allows discount rate to be set at initial published date of an newly approved app that hasn’t been published yet.

Introductory price can be a good marketing strategy as well. There’s potential to abuse it, a simple solution is to limit the maximum discount rate allowed at the initial published date.

I agree it would be a good feature. In order to get around it now, I load an extremely high initial price that no one would pay, then discount once published.