Is OpenGL ES 2.0 the standard in Android Game Development?

I have spent a few dozen man hours searching Google and asking questions on forums trying to figure out whether or not my OpenGL ES 2.0 application on Android is lagging due to errors on my end, a virus on my device, OpenGL implementation on Android, or OpenGL implementation on the Samsung Galaxy Express.

I have found nothing, if anyone wants to try answer that root issue I would greatly appreciate it, but my question is if I should revert back to OpenGL ES 1.0 and if that is what everyone else uses.

The exact same application (single spinning triangle) using the exact same timestep with the only difference being a barebones OpenGL ES 1.0 vs OpenGL ES 2.0 change causes stuttering in the 2.0 app and smooth animation in the 1.0 app.

Do other games only use 1.0? If they use 2.0 can you point me to an example that is known to cause no noticeable stuttering, that I may download and test on my device? I have downloaded the OpenGL ES 2.0 sample from Google themselves, stutters the same.

Does Samsung Galaxy Express not handle OpenGL ES 2.0 gracefully? Is there any way to get another Android device without stealing or asking random strangers, I have no money. My Lowe’s Life

Looking online it seems to say the GPU in the Galaxy Express can actually handle Open GL ES 3.0.

You could do a sample app and upload it and see if you can get some people to test it on different devices.

OpenGL 1 is based on fixed pipelines, not shaders like 2.0 onwards. If you can stick with 2.0 you have more functionality available.