I have a watch face for sale on Google Play - ORB-07, v170002.

Looking at the details for the app in Google Console I note that it appears to have suffered a crash for one of the users that has purchased it. I’ve not had any feedback yet from the user (assuming that the crash was visible to them).

As the watch face was created using WFS 1.0.3 I guess I should report this here?

The full stack trace provided by Google Console is…

at (
at (
at android.content.ContextWrapper.getSharedPreferences (
at c.c.b.n.b0.j.h (:4)
at c.c.b.n.b0.j.d (:7)
at c.c.b.n.b0.g.a (Unknown Source:28)
at c.c.b.n.t.d (Unknown Source:48)
at c.c.b.k.a (:45)
at b.x.f.y$a.j (:11)
at b.x.f.c0. (:23)
at b.x.f.e0$a.a (:30)
at b.x.f.e0$a.a (Unknown Source)
at b.x.f.e0$a$b.c (Unknown Source:18)
at d.l.j.a.a.b (:2)
at (:4)
at android.os.Handler.handleCallback (
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
at android.os.Looper.loop (
at (
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Native Method)
at$ (
at (

The device was a Galaxy watch 4 Classic…
Again from Google Console…
RAM (total memory) 1,536 MB (1,291 MB)
System on Chip (SoC) Samsung Exynos W920
CPU 2x ARM Cortex-A55 (1179 Mhz)
ABI armeabi-v7a
Device type Wearable
Screen size 450x450
Screen density (DPI) 340
Android version Android 11 (SDK 30)
OpenGL ES version 3.2
GPU 2x ARM Mali G78 (677 Mhz)
Device (per build fingerprint) wiseul

Unfortunately I don’t have any further information to provide at this time, but I’ll look out for user feedback to try and work out whether they were attempting to do something at the time.

Has anyone experienced this or have any knowledge of why this may have happened?



Hi Rob,
If you can reproduce this issue in your end, please report this issue through Developer Support channel.
Thank you.