[JavaScript] setDisplayRect() not always working

Hi all,

We are using the setDisplayRect() APIs in JavaScript to modify screen size between fullHD and another smaller size while the video is playing (e.g. webapis.avplay.setDisplayRect(0,0,1920,1080):wink:

We are following all the practices reported here Playback Using AVPlay | Samsung Developers, including setting the CSS.

However, for some streams, the setDisplayRect() call is not resizing the player and leaving it in the size set when initialising the player.

For some streams all is working correctly.

Has anyone experienced similar issues when using setDisplayRect()?

Additionally, this seems to affect in particular the model I am using for tests (Samsung 2020 - UT5300) as other models are working correctly.


Open a seller office Q/A about this on this page.

Samsung Developer Relations