Language conditional line

There are a lot of buyers who ask for watch faces in their own language. Because there are only a few variable elements that are translatable, like day of the week and weather info, we would have to create a whole new watch face in the specific requested language. A language timeline would give the possibility to make everything translatable. Even a few major languages, like Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Russian, German and Portuguese would make a huge difference.

Thank you for your time!

It is a good idea, not sure it is doable. Weather and Time have their own translations. Regular Text does not have translations so it would involve having to have a 3rd party translator built in.

Still we can suggest it.

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Without the translator. We can translate ourselves and simply select on the timeline to which language each element belongs. Like in my example, I am the one who made and translated all the texts. And we already know that the watch faces detect the language, since the day of the week and the weather appear in the language of the watch.

Hi Ron, I understood it more like layer with conditional for language. similar to the 12/24h alternative designs, the “translation” would be left for the author. it could make any layer (like images or hands) dependable on given language, not just text component. Actually the images could contain word arts in different languages, impossible with text component alone.

I would rename the topic to Language condition line

Yep, like Peter said. We could choose anything to be associated with a language, images, watch hands, etc. We can even set dates to belong to languages. For example, there are countries that use dd.MM.yyyy and Korea uses yyyy.MM.dd. Therefore, we create 2 dates and set in the language timeline the first one for languages known to use it and the second one for the Korean language.

I renamed it, Peter. You’re right, timeline is another things, this one doesn’t involve any time. :slight_smile: