Language filter for updates


  • Many of the designers at GWD / GWS have the problem to change the background color which we have solved by creating small texts in bitmap format, the problem is they are created in the English language and the design program does not allow multilanguage for these phrases.

Related Menu or Feature:

  • Seller Portal>Applications>Update>Binary

Detail description of the Feature Request:

  • This would help designers who use small texts in bitmap format to publish Watch Faces in the language of the corresponding country.
  • Example: Spanish for Spanish-speaking countries and English as the default for the rest of the world.
  • The filter function is used to sell the Binary in the selected country in the corresponding language.


  1. Designers can give better multilanguage support.

  2. Increase in sales

  3. Increase in positive reviews.

  4. Less request from customers requesting Watch Faces in their language.

A way to do this is on the road map for future versions of Galaxy Watch Studio. But I think it will only work with Tizen 5.5 devices. I don’t have a release date.

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hi Ron, create this thread because many clients asked me for the language in Spanish for my Watch Face and what happened to me was that when I updated it changed the language for everyone now I have English speaking clients who are sorry because the application is not in English like before.

I don’t think I replied to this but you can set countries for sale so only Spanish countries get that binary and other countries get the English version.

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