Lawnmower / Stroller Mode


Related Menu or Feature: Add a toggle to activate and deactivate this feature

Detail description of the Feature Request: For those of us who measure our exercise by counting steps, smart watches do a pretty good, if not very accurate, job providing this information. Unfortunately the ability to measure one aspect that includes steps is blocked by most smart watches, including the Galaxy Watch series.

In order to avoid counting steps while a user is sleeping or driving, smart watches usually ignore steps which occur when the user has his or her hands extended parallel to the ground. This means that some activities that require the arms extended in this way such as pushing a stroller, shopping cart or lawnmower go unrecorded.

I have a sizable lawn that I mow once a week. This usually involves 2-3000 steps, about 20% of my average daily step count. The current design fails to record steps for this activity. Similarly when I go on a walk pushing my grandson in a stroller, that activity also goes unrecorded.

I think that it would be great to have a button accessible from the watch screen that toggles step counting with arms extended on and off. Lawnmower or Stroller Mode would be a catchy name for this feature.

Benefit: If this feature were available, step counts would be more accurate for many users.

This would be nice to have, but I’m affraid they will not take it trough this forum.
Funny thing is when I walk with lawnmower, my gear s3 sometimes automatically recognises it as cycling. So I guess the watch may have trouble recognising each step, when the hand is supported in one level with the handle.