Layer Mask

I don’t know if it’s possible. It would be great to have Photoshop Layer Mask function that hides or shows parts of components/images. Currently, we can use alpha PNG to create mask. But it’s limited to simple designs. Complex designs would benefits greatly with Layer Mask functions.


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New function.

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Uses monochromatic image as a mask for a particular layer.

Layer masks would allow more complex designs.

Sounds interesting, but could you please explain more?
I don’t understand well the difference to a .png with portions, that are cut-out transparent or semi-transparent. Should the mask be changeable like images set to buttons?
On other hand, I would not expect GWD and the watch to produce better results than export of “masked” layer from dedicated graphic editor programs on PC. It can’t even handle fonts properly.

Please explain how , what, where it would benefit a developer/designer.
Also please remember GWD is not meant to be a photo editing software,
Yes it has got its similarities to Adobe photoshop, but it is really for putting together
all the elements /Assets to create a cohesive and functional watchface.
Looking forward to your reply

I don’t how how feasible it is, but won’t hurt to throw the idea out there. Here is an example where layer mask would be useful and cut-out alpha PNG can’t achieve:

The sweeping second hand/ring rotates underneath Display Frame. The portion of second hand ring intersected with display area would have an inverted color. The markings on second hand ring would inverted its color as it sweeps through the display area.

With layer mask, you simply create another sweeping second hand ring with inverted color and mask the display area. Desired result is not achievable with cut-out alpha PNG. I hope this makes sense.

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Kind of makes sense. Can you not achieve that by letting the rotating seconds hand go between a transparent numeral with abg of your choice in this case white , so as the rotating hand passes between
the band and the white patch achieving the same result
I think it can be achieved by proper layering in GWD

Ok, makes sense for the case when the layer it self would move while mask can remain static, or vice versa, in combination with another layer crossing the area on same time.

I think I got what you’re saying… rotating the markings instead of rotating the rings, right? It would work on the lazy example I made above. Cut-out alpha PNG would not be enough if there are textures or distinctive shape (gears instead of ring/band). Another problem is the sweep movement effect, it would be doable with normal movement effect, but not sweep movement.

Yes, mask is static. Maybe by some miracles, GWD team is like “Oh yeah, adding layer mask is a piece of cake. It’ll be added in next release.” :grin: :pray: