Limiting Quantity of Theme Releases, Return of New Tab

In 2019 the New tab was removed, which was the main source of revenue for new themes for developers. To our understanding, the main reason for removal was due to the store being over-saturated by mass-market developers releasing 30+ themes per day. Unfortunately with this removal we saw a significant decrease in revenue for New theme releases. This is due to customers no longer having a central space to browse for New content.

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Galaxy Themes app.

Detail description of the Feature Request:
In the past, themes would release and within the first 3 days they would have high chances of sales. From here, they could climb up Popular and be visible there. When New was removed, this organic opportunity was removed and themes no longer have this chance.

We would like to request a two-part solution:
Part 1: Limit the number of themes each developer can release to a reasonable number per week. For example, a developer can release a maximum of 10 themes per week. This will resolve the over-saturation problem that was clear with the old iteration of “New”.

Part 2: Bring back the “New” tab in the Galaxy Themes app, and have it function just as it did from 2015 - 2018.

Theme store quality will increase due to this new limitation. Developers will no longer be able to make a profit by overwhelming the New section or other categories with low-effort themes.

Additionally, and more importantly, the “New” tab will return and with it so will revenue gains for most developers. Limited weekly releases can level the playing field for all developers, and allow even the smallest developers a chance to get free exposure through the New tab.

Definitely would like the old “NEW” tab back, not the current one. I’m good with limiting new content, as long as there are no limits on updates (updating for Android versions means we submit lots of updates).

I would also suggest a low limit for wallpapers because it is so easy to create a wallpaper that some Sellers spam the store with so many.

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I completely agree with the view here
Last few months the sales have dropped drastically but with the NEW TAB removal the numbers of low-quality themes seller haven’t reduced, rather they have made it even worst

I would also like to point out that the front end of the theme store is not looking very good as it has way too many sections or segments that are confusing for users to browse and too many things mixed up and a mess

There are many things that can be changed in the store which will help its users and designers who really put in hard work to make good creative and constantly update the work

Even in the wallpaper section so many just photos or a same photos are posted as a new wallpaper leading to spamming

Hiten Soni


I’m agree with all points that our friends raised here.
Aqeel Abbas

I’m happy to see this thread is being so well received. I think that the removal of “New” drastically affected so many developers in such a negative way, but we have not had the opportunity to come together to share this concern as a group.

Hopefully @AshS will be able to use the thread to try to make some magic happen with HQ.


Definitely would like the old “NEW” tab back, not the current one. I’m good with limiting new content, as long as there are no limits on updates (updating for Android versions means we submit lots of updates).

This is a great clarification. We definitely would not want to limit updates, as these are critical for customer satisfaction.


I would also like to point out that the front end of the theme store is not looking very good as it has way too many sections or segments that are confusing for users to browse and too many things mixed up and a mess

I would say that Samsung is likely open to suggestions to optimizing the store. If you have any ideas, I would recommend putting in a new thread with the suggestions so that we can try to flesh them out a bit more. It will be easier to get it implemented if we can give specific examples.

I completely agree. A limitation of the themes that can be published weekly would offer the “smaller” designers more attention. It is a shame that the big companies publish hundreds of themes a week with the same Theme Issue, where the Themes from “smaller” Designers are rejected about these, while the smaller designer maybe publishes 1-2 and they go under with the masses, whereby mostly the themes are better.

In my opinion, every designer should be treated equally when publishing a theme and no big companies should be preferred. Equality for all designers.


I am going to create a thread and share whatever i feel about it so we can ask them to look into it as a separate issue


I’m agree with all points .

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Unfortunately, I want to note that I do not see any feedback from the developers or moderators of this forum. It seems that we vote here and discuss our difficulties only among ourselves. :smirk:


This voting forum is extremely important to you and Samsung. I will be reporting issues to the Senior Product Managers on a regular basis and as needed for hot topics.

I am not replying to most topics as I don’t want to stifle free exchange of ideas. I read all the replies and others from Samsung Developer Program are observing too.

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My revenue has dropped significantly over the last month or two as well, and I think it’s because I had to wait so long for a good tool that would convert my P themes to Q without problems. I have 18 converted themes waiting for review, it’s taking forever, and it’s possible they’ll all be rejected for the clock timing ring :frowning:

I do agree that the store looks like a mess now, so many banner ads for topics customers aren’t going to click on them all!

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Hi Redacted,
Yes revenues are drop significantly and sales are touching new bottom low every day. Some of my theme updates are also in validation process since weeks hope they will pass soon.
But we can use the method for clock timing ring that’s already explained by @Alex_Pie in group and for time being it is good solution until new Editor update.

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Thanks for the answer!
It was a cry of despair from the feeling that we were left alone with our problems. I think that you need to write in our discussions so that we know that hear us.

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There’s a clear disadvantage that indie designers have against companies poorly because of the quantity of the designs they can offer. As someone who only has time to do 1 or 2 themes a month my revenue was cut almost in half after the New tab was removed. If there was a maximum number of content submitted per month or something of this nature maybe we would see a more of a “fair fight”. And sure we can do all the different promotions like Upcoming or This Week’s Deal but that is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. The intention behind the removal of the New Tab was perhaps to prevent these companies from dominating the New tab but the removal of it only gave them more “power”.

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We support the initiative to bring the “New” tab back and to limit the quantity of Theme Releases. Below are a few bullet point that may be helpful in supporting the inquiry John has started:

  • Broken User Acquisition. The NEW tab has been removed that makes it extremely hard to find the new themes that limits discoverability significantly. Now there is only Featured and Top tabs available. As a result, the new themes are not purchased and the revenue from new themes is highly limited. Before the NEW tab was removed, the new themes were purchased right after they have appeared in the store in the NEW tab and have been spotted by the audience. Nowadays, very often the new themes are never purchased at all.

  • Lack of Theme Discoverability. I’ve interviewed my users and they’ve shared that the main way for them to discover new themes was to check the NEW tab as it took less time and was easy to do on the go. With the latest removal of the NEW tab at the Theme Store the users are downloading less themes as they do not want to do extra taps and be involved in a lot of browsing. Also, their vision is that the Theme store is broken and nothing new happens.

  • Lack of Democracy. To add to the previous issue, the TOP tab contains all the same themes from the largest few sellers at all times. From the returning customer’s perspective (who are the most loyal and buying audience to the entire Theme Store) it is misleading and doesn’t bring a lot of value either, as the themes there are all the same.


I totally agree.
We have to make good ecosystem on this market which means keep diversity and better quality.
This opinion looks like the one of key to make it.

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What am I missing do you not see the Hot &New tab in other stores like in the US Theme Store? I know the Hot & New has an algorithm that is supposed to tailor new themes based on the buyers preferences. Is that the issue?

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Hot & New is not a tab, it’s just a button, and it is not beneficial at all. We have been monitoring performance of themes that show there and they receive little to no revenue gain when showing under that button category. In addition, the list is wiped daily and reset. Themes are only shown there for 1 day, which is not enough time for a theme to gain any traction in the “Top” tab for organic visibility.

The original “New” tab was like the “Top” tab, but instead of ranking by Most Popular it updated live with the most recent releases. Unlike the Hot & New category, which only shows 1 theme per developer per day, it would list the most recent themes released by developers in real-time. It also would not wipe the theme list daily, like Hot & New, but was instead a constantly updated list of themes shown in most recent order. This gave users a place to scroll through content constantly to browse new releases, and as a result also gave developers a higher chance of sales for new themes. If you were to scroll all the way down to the bottom, you would see the very first theme ever released.

With the original “New” tab, themes would sell extremely well during the first 2-3 days since you had guaranteed exposure. Ever since the New tab was removed, this changed completely and you are lucky to get 1/3 of the sales on Day 1 compared to when “New” tab existed, and then Day 2/3 are a fraction of Day 1 sales. This is a serious problem, and has caused significant revenue loss for all designers (hence the number of votes).

The only real problem with the old “New” implementation was that there was no moderation for the number of themes released or shown per day/week per developer. This resulted in business models being made where developers would release very low quality content in bulk in order to take over this “New” category, and always have content showing up top.

The above issue is why part of the solution I proposed is to limit the number of themes a developer can release per week, as if we were to have the old new tab back with no changes then it would just be overrun (there are more developers doing this mass-market approach today than there were a year ago).

Hope this makes sense!

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HI Jon,

Thanks, That makes sense now. I am gathering information to submit a report and this is very helpful.

By the way Views is as important as votes on these feature requests and the discussions help me create a report with rationales.

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I’d like to add that when we had the “good” new tab, my follower count increased a couple of thousand a week, which meant I was getting a lot of views. It dropped to 200 a week when removed. It would be great if the follower notification were also implemented along with the limiting themes per Seller and adding the “good” new tab back.

I know it’s a tall order :slight_smile:

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