Live/Interactive Wallpaper on Home Screen

Live wallpapers for home screen have been around Android OS for decade. I think Samsung had it too, but I can’t find it on Note10+ anymore. They are very popular in Google Play store. I often get question about why my themes don’t have it, then I have to explain to them Samsung themes doesn’t have such feature. It’s kind of disappointing for users who switched to Samsung phone from other Android brand.

Related Menu or Feature:
incorporate Live / interactive home screen wallpaper into theme package.

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Live / interactive wallpapers can be video or interactive one utilizes accelerometer. They use more battery than static wallpapers, have an option to turn it on and off in the Settings would address the issue. Better yet, have the OS disables live wallpaper automatically when battery level falls below 30%.

It’ll make Samsung themes more fun and appealing to all users.

I would increase the sales too.


This will be good addition to Samsung Themes.
Peoples are always asking for Live wallpapers on Home Screen and this feature will attract more people to Samsung Phones.


I typically don’t do a lot of animations or video for the lock screens because I don’t think it’s a big draw for the customer; like me most people I know touch the fingerprint reader and bypass the lock screen - never see it. Live home screen would be great!


Agree with X9! Live home wallpapers would be awesome for users. Of course animations should be subtle and respect priorities like visibility and readability – Not like some noisy static wallpapers btw


Very torn on this personally. It could result in poor battery life and user complaints.

Maybe allowing the user the option to set a live lock screen as a home screen wallpaper as well could work, but it wouldn’t be available on Fold due to lock screens having a limited aspect ratio. / not being square.