M1 mac

Hello i want to buy a mac m1 for school and developing i am a beginner and want download galaxy watch studio and my question is work galaxy watch studio

at the moment…no…GWD do not work with Mac OS Big Sur … with Catalina no problem. An update for Big Sur should follow

Thanks but i want know of m1 support is.

Apple M1 Does Big Sur right? So it will not work

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I do not think we have ever tested it. the Apple M1 is not Dual Core chip and that is a requirement.

See this page for requirements.

I searched the internet and Eclipse which GWS is based on does not run on the MI chip but I did not do a huge search.

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but it have rosseta 2 for x86 emulation!

Then it might work, Won’t know until the GWS fix is released.

Samsung Developer Program

Just FYI, the M1 chip has 8 CPU cores.