Monocular FOV Question

I’m doing research on retinal prosthesis simulations using the Samsung HMD Odyssey. Retinal prostheses are typically only implanted into a single eye and to make a realistic simulation, we need to know what the monocular FOV is for the headset.

We don’t need to know what the person can actually see, we realize this depends on a lot of factors. We need to know what percentage of the full screen is being rendered to each eye. We are using Unity, I’m not sure if this is part of their software or if it’s something that’s handled by the headset. I’m assuming it’s something that was figured out by the developers of the headset.

Your help is appreciated!!

TLDR: What’s the monocular FOV (as determined by the software). For example, if the camera is set to render 110 degrees, would it render 65 degrees to each eye and then have 20 degrees of visual overlap in the middle?

I think you will need to contact support on THIS SITE and see if they can help.

I hope they can help,

Samsung Developer Program

That would be really cool addition if possible. There is a really cool equipment being build now by optics companies and with those you sometimes feel like you are in a game. I got this thermal monocular last week and I am still amazed at what this thing is capable to do. Games are not really unrealistic when you see this being built. It would be cool if the feature could be added because it is more realistic and more fun. I get it that it is not Oculus fault, but talk with game developers…