More UI Theme Elements, Dark Mode themed too (eMail, Homescreen Video, Honeyboard Button Images, etc.)

I currently have the feeling that Samsung eliminates the possibilities of the UI elements with each new Android version. See keyboard on Galaxy S20 Series, Buttons can be only colored, no more 9.PNG Images.

Example. Some Users are worried, if they download a Theme, install it in Dark Mode and the Theme Elements doesn’t applied overall, then the user rate the theme with 1/2 Stars, because they find it won’t work, it’s hard to response always that the Theme works only in Dark Mode Off

Example Some Users are worried, why the Video Wallpaper will works on Lockscreen, it can be ends in bad reviews too

Related Menu or Feature:

  • Menu for Homescreen Video Wallpaper as well
  • Video Wallpaper Option for 720p or 1080p
  • Theme applied in Dark Mode too, no more default Elements in Dark Mode
  • eMail App themed too
  • Keyboard Button 9.png Image for Honeyboard too
  • Message Bubble Image Option too (see Screenshots below)
  • Action Bar Background Image too (see Screenshots below)
  • Slider Menu in Theme Tool (see Screenshots below)
  • Card View Menu in Theme Tool (see Screenshots below)
  • Quick Settings icons Background Image Menu (see Screenshots below)
  • Tab Background Image Menu (see Screenshots below)
  • Mini Call controller (see Screenshots below)
  • Splanner Background Image Option (see Screenshots below)
  • Settings Icon Background Image Option (see Screenshots below)


  • more individualized themes that differ more from other themes
  • more possibilities for designers to implement their idea and not be limited to colors
  • better user experience
  • more sales and better reviews

And if course, other Companies implement with each new Android Version more UI Theme Options. Only Samsung cuts off with new Android Versions

See Screenshots from Theme Tool 2.19 beblow

Completely agree with all points. Every update removes more customization options from developers, and users always complain about it.

Using your keyboard example, here is a negative customer review we received over the weekend:

“Its a pretty theme, but my keyboard looks nothing like the one shown, and is not nearly as pretty.”

The preview images exported for Q show our 9-patch keyboard keys, but on the S20 the messages app keys only allow for a solid color. This is the reason for the poor review, and I am sure many more will follow.

Not to mention we got about 8 highly negative reviews from customers this past weekend alone solely based on how Dark Mode is implemented.

Also agree on all and for the people who use night mode on a sunrise to sunset schedule like myself it would be a shock to the eyes going from themed to default. It’s pretty stupid.

Completely agree with all points.
I have already received some negative reviews about changing the keyboard. Users think that I decided to ruin the buttons. Design themes are needed to personalize the phone interface. For individuality. For beauty. Beautiful hand-drawn elements give such personality and beauty. Painted elements do not give personality. Users find the new keyboard ugly. They write to me about this and I have nothing to object to. The new keyboard is not only not beautiful but less comfortable also.
I ask you to return the opportunity to use drawn elements in the themes. Please give opportunity to add the drawn buttons in the dialer. Please give opportunity to add the drawn button backgrounds of toggles in the notifications panel. Please give the opportunity to change the color when a swap call or message in the contact list and log list. We want creativity, not repainting circles and ovals.