Multiple options for master_app_packagename

I am working on a watch application which will work with a companion app on the phone.
But I need 2 companion apps for 2 monetization models: paid version and ad supported version.
Since these 2 apps will have 2 different package names on Android , I need to have 2 master_app_packagename

I tried this in a sample application by adding 2 lines of “master_app_packagename”
However, when the watch application is started , it just looks for the first package.
If it can not find this one, it opens the store deeplink

How can I achieve what I need ?
is there a best practice for this scenario ?

Are you trying to connect 2 android applications with one wearable app?

yes, that was my intention but I believe it is not possible.
finally I decided to make an in-app-product instead of creating a paid application.