Next Full Moon Date

Hi everyone,

is there a way to display in text the next full moon date?

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I will say Welcome @solio. We have a Tag for days in the current month. We have the Moon age 0 to 28. We can convert that to 29.35 days for Lunar cycle. But we need a very long conditional to see how many days there are in the next month so we do not get an error every leap year.
If you accept this error it is very possible… The maths is near the Limit of what I can achieve. Someone else might join in.

Here is the WIP Test I am working on . Ignore all the stuff that is Hidden . You will see I have got as far as Predicting the number of days till the Next Full Moon . Obviously needs tons of work . I Have the work on two layers as I am not a Mathematician . I tend to work like that and Integrate what I can after the testing .

See The file with extension .ZIP . Download the file and change the extension to .wfs it will open in WFS .


You might want to add this to the feature request. There is a request for the Hijri calendar and I thought maybe we could do it using the tags for Day of Month in the Islamic calendar but they don’t seem to work right in the Run Window.

The issue is the Day date not otherwise you could use a count down based on Lunar Position.


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I appreciate your responses and suggestions, I will add this feature to the request list.

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