No annual theme updates required!

It takes a lot of time every year. At the beginning of a new Galaxy Themes Studios there are always a lot of Issues!

Related Menu or Feature:
Keep the compatibility of older theme versions in new Android versions, because they still work in the beta program. Manual installation is also possible

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Every year a new One UI version appears in conjunction with the new Android version. During the beta program, the themes from the previous Android version will continue to work in the Theme Store and are available. A compatibility is thus available. Yes, the theme framework is still based on the first Theme Studio Version 2.0.4 from 2016. Compatibility will only be removed with the final new Android version, but this is still given for wallpapers, icons and AOD. It would save every designer a lot of unnecessary time if the theme framework (color assignments) retained the previous One UI version and an annual update of the themes is no longer necessary. Yes, Samsung it is possible and easy to implement! LG also had the option, with LG Android 8, 9 or 10 themes were compatible with the next Android version without having to be regenerated in the theme tool.

less storage space, less time investment and better management