Notification filter

I want to be able to set black- and/or whitelist filter for notifications. The filter shall be case insensitive and check for title and text of configured substring containing. For each app different strings shall be usable. If given more then one string, it is an OR behavior.
Every Chinese fitness tracker offers this option and it will bring the opportunity to use more apps which would otherwise spam my watch with notifications.

I use the wear app to filter notifications and it works fine. Not sure what else should it do.

I added some details for behavior. I think we have a different meaning of what I meant (based on what I wrote before).
If the wear app already provides this feature, I would be glad about a leading hint.

I am not sure how will it look on your phone (there can be some differences between Samsung and non-Samsung phones), but on mine it works like this:

  1. on the main screen of the waer app I go to the home tab (bottom left corner)
  2. from there I can open the notifications settings
  3. on the bottom I have to hit the “see all” option
  4. it still shows me only the recent apps, so I have to change it to “all” to see all apps installed on the phone. I always deselect all and then pick just those I really want to notify me (see attached image)

    edit: now I see, you want to filter what comes from some of the apps based on content. wear app does not offer such. yet I think Ron will redirect you to customer discussions, as this forum is meant more for 3rd party developers, than for Samsung in house ones.

Would be nice. This forum was the one I found when looking for galaxy watch feature request.
Would be great to get this filter feature by Samsung itself. I want to as less differentparties as possible to get access to the notification content

You might want to message this on the Samsun Members community but it probably would get better action on an Android community.

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