Payment agreement for Russian developers


We recently registered a developer account. Before we start integrating the app with the Samsung Galaxy Store service, let me ask you two questions about the payment agreement:

In chapter «The process for Seller Portal financial/settlement report issuance» written: Remittances are made in USD. However, remittances are made in KRW to Korean sellers and in CNY to Chinese sellers.

1 Our company is registered in Russia. The Russian bank in which we have an account is not included in the sanctions list.
Question: Is it possible to choose Chinese yuan as the currency of the account?

2 Correspondent banks with which our bank works: Bank of China Shanghai RMB Trading Unit(SWIFT: BKCHCNBJS00) и Bank of China (Hongkong) Limited (Renminbi clearing center) (SWIFT: BKCHHKHH838).
Question: is it possible to transfer the reward from the developer account to our bank account ?

I know that there are Russian companies getting paid for Galaxy Store Sales but I do not know how they are doing it and they were sellers before any sanctions.

You really need to ask these questions on the Seller Portal support
Sign into the seller portal
Select Help
Select contact us in the top left side of the tool bar
Then “Contact us” to open a form.
A form for Galaxy Store will open
mark anything mandatory but not relevant N/A

I hope you get a satisfactory solution.

Samsung Developer Relations

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