Phone battery info

Hello, I would like to ask for implementing feature into GWD (and it also maybe needs implementing this into “wear” companion app too) that would allow to insert tag (or at least sync components hand or text) with phone battery info in comparable fashion as the watch battery info already is implemented.

i do not get why the 3rd party apps have this feature but it is not in gwd. if only i could learn the coding faster and then maybe there would be a way

I guess the main missing piece is in the wear app not providing the data. Therefore 3rd party apps or watchfaces are always bound to some sort of companion app running on the phone.

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hmm no sure about the “wear” companion app

This was discussed with the Galaxy Watch Designer Development team and basically this is not possible at this time. As you noted this is available in third party apps that use a companion app on their devices.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thanks for info, we basically knew this. But since Samsung has own companion app, the “wear app”, this was not request just for Galaxy watch designer, but also for the companion app to make it possible…

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