Pivot Angle for some conditions in GWS

I don’t know if anyone else has seen this - I’m tempted to raise a support request…

When creating an analogue gauge, you can set a pivot angle which sets the angle of the pointer at its start value. When you do this, say, for a gauge measuring battery %, GWS adjusts the needle accordingly in the main development window and you can also see the effect in the run window.

However, for a gauge displaying either heart rate or kcals conditions, the new pivot angle is displayed in the run window, butit is not displayed in the main (dveelopment) window. The point there stubbornly remains pointing vertically.

I don’t see how I’m doing anything wrong, but wondered if anyone else has seen this and whether this should be a support ticket.



It isn’t anything you are doing wrong it just there isn’t any “timeline” for kcal or heart like there is for battery and steps so the only observation is in the preview window.

If you move this to the Feature Request-VOTE Galaxy Watch Studio forum (or tell me to) I will add it to a list of feature request that I submit to the GWS Product Manager and we’d bypass all the middle men. But if you’d kind of like to track it then create a support request and ask that I be cc’d.

Which ever you do please justify the request.


Thanks Ron,

I’m more than happy if you could add it to the feature request list.

The justification is that while there may not be any timeline for these conditions, to be consistent with the other hand functions, there is no reason why the hand should not be displayed in its correct starting position - i.e. display the hand at the angle entered in the “Pivot Angle” field, otherwsie it makes it difficult for the designer and just looks plain wrong.