Play Store rejection - syntactic value

Any ideas how to solve this?

App Update rejected

• your application does not provide option to be parsed because of syntactic errors. as shown/described on the store listing.

• your application does not provide correct syntactic value as shown/described on the store listing.


Probably is some text in the app description… try to add a simple description like “watchface for wear os”… once it is live you update the description

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@dect is probably right.

The error message basically said you wrote some thing in the description we didn’t understand.

I am sure you know this but for others check the Play Store guide for descriptions They changed these or are now enforcing them.

Samsung Developer Relations

Wish it was this. I’ve tried multiple descriptions. Using basically same format as in other watch faces and didn’t get this error. Always rejected. I’ll try with some very simple text again.

Thanks @dect @r.liechty_SDP for advices.

Check if it isn’t the complications you are using on the watchface screenshot, like weather or any other that is not “basic”, I had a problem one because of it