Potentially life threatening bug report - how to make

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to find a way to penetrate Samsung’s profoundly impenetrable customer service wall purely to lodge a bug report.

This is the last step before I take it to Twitter etc, which might be the only chance I have of forcing this through.

I want to report the following bug, and know that it’s been lodged.

For the “Messages” Samsung app, currently on v10.1.40.109 (but has been a problem for a long time), Emergency messages cannot be copied. Messages can usually be copied by long-hold and then press copy. This doesn’t apply to emergency messages. This means that, when people are overseas in a country where they don’t understand the language, and they receive an emergency message, they cannot copy paste it into a translation app to understand what it says.

Obviously, since this has the potential to cause deaths, I want a fix issued.

Last time I received one such message was several years ago (and on different phone model). I recently received one today and found that for some reason this defect still isn’t fixed.


I did a bit of digging and I saw on a few sites saying not to copy emergency messages or 911 replies and send them to anyone. Did you try a 3rd party Message App if it doesn’t work on any of them then it probably rule or regulation that prohibits it. (Like no click camera)

I hope that one works and is a work around.

To report bugs to Samsung there is basically only one way to do this… Report it to your service provider. They have ways to funnel to the Samsung team once the validate it.

Because non 3rd party development questions interrupt the forum I will have to remove this in a few days.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

The issue is the following plausible potential scenario:

  1. An emergency message goes out saying “Tsunami warning, all residents of [area], evacuate to high ground immediately” (typically have less than 10 minutes to act)
  2. A foreign visitor (or many) in that area has a Samsung phone receives that via the default Samsung message app, and cannot copy-paste it into a translation app. If they install another message app after that, doesn’t matter since the message is sat in the original app, and in either case it’s a 10 minute situation they already need to be responding to (not futz around with a user-hostile phone).
  3. Typically, since most emergency messages are for lesser scenarios (e.g. “landslide near [road x]”), most foreigners learn not to worry about them (since nothing bad usually happens).
  4. As a result, those foreign visitors die.

I can’t try it with a 3rd party app as I’d have to wait for another emergency message to go out (which might take months or years).

If there’s some rule that prohibits it (unlikely), then I’d like to find the exact statutory reference for that so I can forward it to the regulatory body or a legislator that could fix this user-hostile issue.

The issue with “report to your service provider” is it’s a lot like software saying “report this problem to your system administrator” (who doesn’t exist) or “consult with your family doctor” (which isn’t a real thing) – these are kind of “safe answers” and “you’ve reached a dead end” answers. My service provider will just say “we don’t have anything to do with your phone, we just provide the connection”. If I report it to the phone retailer they’ll just say “we only sell the phones, report it to Samsung”. Basically everyone will just safe-answer their way out of doing anything, and one day someone will be killed as a result.

But thank you for letting me know this is just another wall Samsung has put up against people reaching someone who might do something.

You only need to install a different Message app and it will show past messages if you can do that and affirm it is Samsung Messages that is at fault. Many service providers (at least here in the USA) have their own message app that they set as default.

It is not a wall, but yes it is very hard to report bug to Samsung for mobiles because of the variations based on service provider, country, and so on. Generally even posting on a service provider discussion board generates a response at least it does for my service provider.

Samsung Developer Relations