Priority Validation and Support for Top Sellers

Top Sellers handle hundreds of thousands of customers, therefore they should be given priority when submitting new apps or updating existing ones:

  • Priority validation/certification service

  • Priority support service

How do you vote “no way” LOL :slight_smile:


Sorry but i find its really unfair against the other Sellers. The TOP Sellers get Themes with Issue approved, but for other Sellers will the Themes with same Issues rejected. This is unfair


Top sellers don’t get anything approved unless it’s functioning as it should, it’s ridiculous to think this. It is precisely because of the huge customer base that they should have the priority, simply because their apps and updates reach and affect the greatest number of customers.

This isn’t a question if developers should get priority treatment, it’s a question of should hundreds of thousands of customers who have voted with their cash get priority treatment and receive faster updates and new watchfaces and themes, or should we just ignore the majority and treat the same way everyone.

A developer who has perhaps 300 customers shouldn’t have the same priority as a developer handling 300,000 customers, that simply makes no sense.


Agreed, this just makes sense - more customers, more priority.

Doesn’t mean Top sellers would get any special treatment or “passes” where others don’t.
Just simply a bit faster support and review process.


I agree with @URARITY and @enkei_design , as this proposal is not about having themes pass with issues.
When you have a theme with 4 M downloads (and if you do you probably have other themes with 1M+ downloads) and an OS update makes the current version not compatible with it, you literally receive dozens of messages every day from users, asking you to update that theme.

So I think is reasonable (and fair) to allow Top Seller to have priority when updating existing themes.
About new ones, I’m not sure. Especially because I don’t know what ‘priority’ means in detail and how it would affect non-top sellers.

By the way, I think the other Feature Request about limiting the number of themes a designer can publish weekly would solve this last problem, as I think there wouldn’t be so many new themes to make an actual difference between priority and non-priority (at least for the themes category).


New / Indie Sellers should have priority or no one at all. Priority for Top sellers is ridiculous.

What the fu**!!!
새로운작가들에게 불평이쏟아질 내용이구만.
It’s something new writers will complain about.

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