Problem with elements placed in folders in WFS layers for AOD mode

For each face I make all my elements for an active mode, and an AOD mode and everything is put in folders and very organized. The purpose of having these two definitive states is it seems to help with avoiding exceeding memory budget. The issue is that on a few occasions, a bitmap font won’t show up in AOD mode (hour1, hour2, min1, min2) and it seems pretty random. In testing, the only way to seemingly resolve this issue is by NOT putting these elements into a folder in the WFS layers area.

Has anyone else encountered this? This issue seems to be only for Bitmapped fonts.

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Could you please share any sample project where the issue occurs? Or you may create a support ticket to the Samsung developers with the sample project.
Thank you.

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I encountered this issue myself in testing, and I was scratching my head trying to understand it. The only thing I could think of was perhaps because all my elements were in folders in the layers in my WFS file the elements got “lost” somehow? Anyway, all I did to try to fix it was take the AOD elements (bitmapped fonts mostly) out of the folder and that seemed to fix the problem. Before I published the face I decided to try to put them all back in a folder and I tested it and it worked fine, so I went ahead and published it again. However, the other day I got a complaint from a customer showing the exact same issue I had in testing! To try to resolved the issue, I just changed the file back to no AOD elements in folders and re-upped a new version to Google Play. The customer then told me that the update solved the problem and the AOD had no issues anymore.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 12.29.17 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 12.29.39 PM

I have some other faces that I am using bitmap fonts for as I prefer it over the alternative which most like won’t get your face passed due to exceeding memory budget, so using bitmapped fonts is the solution to that problem. However, it seems a little unstable. I haven’t had other complaints about it from other people though…yet.

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Nice bit of Debugging there @MergeLabs . I presume by Folders You Mean Grouping in WFS .

Yes. Grouping. The fact that now these AOD elements are no longer in a group and wondering about in my WFS file all willy-nilly-like is problematic for my OCD. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Do we think the Locking the Layer might help .