Problems with the play store

Hi everyone

I have recently uploaded a sphere that I have designed to the play store but when they publish the sphere it tells me that there are no devices compatible with this version
when I create the app it only lets me upload .AAB files but not .APK
Do you know how I can solve this problem or any place where I can solve my problem?

Thank you very much for your help

You can only upload wearable apps as .aab format to Play Store now. The .aab file includes the .apk file but allows for smaller downloads.

A lot of sellers are having an issue being rejected when they use HeartRate and that is to be fixed in an WFS update this fall.

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I have already seen that other users have had a problem with HeartRate and have solved it by excluding Oppo from the device catalog
I have excluded the Oppo watch but it still tells me that there are no compatible devices

That doesn’t sound like the error for HeartRate but something else. Do you have the Galaxy Watch4 watches included?

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I have all the devices except the Oppos that in theory are the ones that give the problem

The heartrate issue give an error saying something like it fails to execute not that there are no compatible devices.

See this thread
Release Google Play Store - #5 by SGWatchDesign then go down a bit and read the follow up to that post.

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