Public list of GTS bugs for the Validation Team & Theme Designers

Sorry in advance for the long explaining but I believe it helps understand my suggestion.

With every version of the Theme Editor/device model there are specific bugs which are out of reach for the designer to be fixed. The themes get rejected for those reason then we report them, and get one of the following reasons:

  • Issue will be fixed with next GTS update.
  • Issue will be fixed with app update.
  • Issue will be fixed with device/FOTA update.

After we get this reply we resubmit the theme with the explanation from the Inquiry. By the time the theme gets published many MANY days pass.

Related Menu or Feature:
Galaxy Themes Studio, App Validation

Detail description of the Feature Request:
These reported issues from the designers should be put in a public list where each one can be showcased with the “how it will be fixed” solution and screenshot example also. This should be accessible by all theme designers and the validation test team. After every confirmed issue the Customer Support team or whoever is in charge of testing these issues when we submit them should edit the list and put those issues there.


  • Theme designers won’t have to submit an inquiry for an issue which was submitted from another designer thus saving a lot of time
  • Validation test team won’t rejected issue that will be fixed and are out of reach from the designer thus saving even more time.

This way the themes won’t get rejected unless the designers themselves make mistakes.

Alex has created a list that could be what you are looking for, so Samsung is aware of all the issues…

This is not as effective since there’s no “confirmed to be fixed” reply

Sorry, you won’t get a “confirmed to be fixed” response from Samsung; they fix bugs as they can, some tool, some firmware. And there are bugs that have been there for years. With their development philosophy, they fix what they can before the next due date. Remember, they don’t even make public what they change or fix in each new release of the tool :frowning:

Sorry to ask, but for what should we vote?

1… The Tool and Firmware has many Issues with Themes. But the most won’t be fixed, because they have influence the the validation process.

  1. Validation, Development and Theme Tool are different Departments.

  2. The Theme Tool Team doesn’t provide a official Beta Test for Designers to help, to eliminate the Issues.

  3. The App Development problem is that each App Update get more, other or delete existing Color Attributes, the result it contains in Theme Issues

  4. Point 4 is the same as for Theme Tool, each Update change some things.

To say it with my words, few years ago the Theme Framework was really good, but it looks like a Alpha, not a Beta and if course not final

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