Push Run Previews Parameters to Dev Watch

Run Preview is a great tool, however the preview is not exactly WYSIWYG. It is still vital to verify the design by pushing the watch face to an actual watch. Since the actual watch only displays real data (watch, heath and weather), it’s difficult to verify all data display because most of dev devices are sitting in the drawer and don’t have real daily data to test.

It would be great if GWD’s Run Preview’s parameters can be pushed to an actual watch in a simulated mode.

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Run Preview

Detail description of the Feature Request:
Push Run Preview’s parameters to an actual watch for design verification.

This would produce better quality designs.

I’ll send this feature request it but I doubt that this will ever happen. Tizen Studio has a simulator that might be possible. I think for anything health related there are too many legal issues for that data to be manipulated.

Samsung developer Program

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